Playlist for Radio in Black and White - Sunday 12 May 2019

Posted in: 20's

Marion Holmes with Henry Busse - Love Is Just Around the Corner
Ray Hendricks with Jimmy Grier - Your're My Everything
Kenny Sargent, Glen Gray, Casa Loma Orchestra - Night and Day
Harriet and Ozzie Nelson - Everyone But Me - Old Curiosity Shop
Harriet and Ozzie Nelson - Two Sleepy People
Eddy Howard - Ballin' The Jack
Ozzie Nelson - Gee But It's Great to Meet a Friend
Ozzie Nelson - Yes Sub
Lucy Ann Polk, Les Brown - On A Dreamer's Holiday
Penny Lee, Joe Reichner - You Made Me Love You
Ada Jones and Billy Murray - Blue Feather (Edison Cylinder, 1909)
Ada Jones and Billy Murray - He Was a Wonderful Man (Edison Cylinder, 1909)
Merv Griffin, The Martin Men, Freddy Martin - Be My Life's Companion
Merv Griffin, Freddy Martin - Bewitched - Bothered & Bewildered
Merv Griffin, Freddy Martin - Until

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