Playlist for Radio in Black and White - November 13 2016

Posted in: Thirties, Fourties, Humour

Jimmy Young - The Man From Laramie
Andy Williams - Butterfly
Nick Noble - A Fallen Star
Patti Page - A Poor Man's Roses
Pat Boone - There's a Gold Mine in the Sky
Jim Reeves - Four Walls
The Andrews Sisters and Vic Schoen - Ti-Pi-Tin
Annette Hanshaw - Little White Lies
Bennie Goodman and Martha Tilton - And the Angels Sing
The Boswell Sisters - Everybody Loves My Baby
Vaughn Monroe - Sound off (The Duckworth Chant)
Cab Calloway - The Jumping Jive (Hep! Hep!)
Ella Fitzgerald - You'll Have To Swing It (Mr. Paganini)
Fats Waller - Your Feets Too Big
Fred Astaire - Let's Face the Music and Dance
Judy Garland - Dear Mr. Gable