Playlist for Radio in Black and White -Sunday March 10, 2019

Posted in: humour

Harry Reser - The Cat
Slim & Siam . Chicken Rhythm
The Jazz Pilots - Go Wash An Elephant
Will Bradley - Boogie Wooglie Piggy
Kay Kyser - The Little Red Fox
Jimmy Durante - Have You Ever Seen Betty Grable?
Prairie Ramblers - Monkeys Are the Craziest People
Cliff Edwards - My Dog Loves Your Dog
Roland Smith - Tiger Rag
Slim & Siam - Ferdinand The Bull
Kay Kyser - Three Little Fishes (Itty Bitty Poo)
Fred Rich - The King's Horses (And The King's Men)
The Goofus Five - Go Long, Mule
The Three Keys - That Doggons Dog of Mine
Bluesteele - Shooin' Flies
McKinney's Cotton Pickers - Never Swat a Fly

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