About Radio in Black and White

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Welcome to Radio in Black and White.

Radio in Black and White is produced and presented by Howard Brereton (Romford Essex 1960)

Howard Brereton

Howard has been working in radio in Spain since 1991 when he opened with Alfredo Alcázar Coastline Radio based in Nerja (Málaga). It was the first station in Spain to broadcast 24 hours of English.

It was at Coastline where Howard met the not BBC Bob Harris who had a large collection of musical nostalgia material and it was then the seed for the future Radio in Black and White was born.

He then worked at Onda Cero International in Marbella from 1995 to 1999 and when Radio Europe Mediterranean (REM) opened in San Pedro de Alcántara (Marbella) he joined the radio station and Radio in Black and White was first broadcast in 2003.

REM became Talk Radio Europe (TRE) and the programme continued and has now reached its 250th edition.

It is hoped this new website will extend the listenership and become a place where people who remember the music of the past can make requests and hear their favourite songs.

In line with the programme time on TRE the website place the latest audio online on Sunday mornings and which will remain in place until the following Sunday.

Howard and Talk Radio Europe are happy to franchise Radio in Black and White and if you are interested use the contact form on this website.